My computer has been working fine until yesterday. I turned it on and immediately after the motherboard logo, I got an error screen (light blue) saying, Your PC Needs to be Repaired with an error code Status: 0xc000000e. There was no file/driver specified.

I have tried many different solutions such as this one: Windows 8 EFI Boot Loader and trying to rebuild the BCD, etc. , but none of them has worked so far.

I am about to reinstall the entire OS, but wanted to ask here before I do that since I really feel there must be a solution for this.

The OS is installed on an SSD formatted as GPT with UEFI so it has three partitions:

  1. Primary - 111GB
  2. Recovery - 300MB
  3. System - 100MB

I tried using bcdedit /enum to check the locations of the partitions and both the osdevice and device locations were showing up as "Partition=C:", but the {bootmgr} was showing up in the "partition=\Device\HarddiskVolume3".

I am really struggling to figure out what's wrong. I disconnected all other drives and tried to "Startup Repair" the computer from the recovery DVD to no avail. It still throws up the "0xc000000e" error.

I tried the following:

• CHKDSK /R --> No Problems Found
• SFC /SCANNOW --> No Integrity Violations Found
• STARTUP REPAIR --> Ran about TEN times - couldn't repair

Please help!


You should be able to fix booting for UEFI using this command:

bcdboot c:\Windows /s Z: /f ALL

c: is where Windows is installed

Z: is EFI System Partition (to map use "mountvol Z: /s" on command prompt)

Some explanations for repairing Windows BCD.

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