I have a pivot table in MS Excel. For the same of example, suppose the basic data has 3 columns:

  • Name: A string.
  • CountMe valued either 0 or 1.
  • Year an integral number.
  • Tokens the data we're aggregating

I use my pivot table to sum people's tokens over all years. So

  • Name is a 'Row Label'.
  • CountMe is used in a 'Report Filter' (requiring CountMe=1)
  • Year is not used.
  • Tokens is a 'Values' field, with a 'Sum' aggregation.

Now, suppose person "John Smith" has a few rows in the data table, but all of them have CountMe=0. There are two possibilities:

  1. I see a row for "John Smith" in the table, with Sum of Tokens = 0, or a missing Sum of Tokens.
  2. There is no row for "John Smith" in the table..

MS Excel 2010 opts for option 1, but I want to have option 2. How can I achieve this? (I already have an ugly workaround, I'd like something relatively elegant.)


In the field settings for "name", under Layout & Print, make sure that "Show Items with no data" is NOT checked (this should also be the default).

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