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I'd like to sync configuration folders for specific applications on my Linux machines, namely configuration for AutoKey (a text-expansion and keyboard-macro automation suite), which lives at ~/.config/autokey/.

Though I know that it's relatively simple to just symlink ~/Dropbox/Apps/AutoKey to ~/.config/autokey/, I'd specifically like to ignore certain files in the folder if possible. There are notably a log file and a PID file that I'd prefer to ignore.

Is there a way to specify configuration for Dropbox which will make it ignore these files, or even better, glob patterns? (e.g. Apps/AutoKey/*.log, Apps/AutoKey/*.pid, etc.)

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You can exclude folders with the help of the dropbox-cli (dropbox.py) exclude command found here, but I don't think you can exclude single files. I'd recommend the 'symlink individual files from that folder' approach.

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    They really need to enable this feature. Something similar to a .gitignore file or configuration passed in each directory's .dropbox file would go a long way. – Naftuli Kay Mar 28 '14 at 18:31

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