I'm currently using Sublime Text 3 as my primary coding application. I've noticed that after (say, 25, I really have no idea) files saves there is a notification about purchasing a license for Sublime Text 3.

Is there any real benefit to purchasing a license, other than removing this little prompt every couple hours?

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    sure. you get to feel warm and fuzzy inside.
    – Sirex
    Mar 21, 2014 at 3:20

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To clarify purchasing a license is not "upgrading" to a pro version. It is purchasing the product which you have been using the trial period on.

Primary benefits:

  1. Access to the developer version (since it requires a license key)

  2. Getting rid of the prompt.

  3. Supporting further development

  4. Not stealing a commercial product.

    I know you can use it forever without paying for it, but it is not free software. The trial period is there just for that, to let you try it before plunking down your cash.

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