I need to make a short aux bash script to clear the logcat buffer and output afterwards in a file (new process).

The problem is that at every run I need to kill the previous process which dumps in the file (but I cannot kill the entire adb process).

adb -s $1 logcat -c
adb -s $1 logcat -v time > $1.log &

$1 - the device id

I would like that the second command adb -s $1 logcat -v time > $1.log & to run in a process named $1 so I could kill it before running the other comands. Something like this:

pkill $1
adb -s $1 logcat -c
adb -s $1 logcat -v time > $1.log &

pkill takes a regex pattern. Use the -f option to search the whole command line.

pkill -f "adb .* $1 .* -v time"

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