I have a bunch of rectangles, different sizes. How can I make them all have rounded corners with the same radius easily? I've tried copying one and stretching, but the rounding is stretched also

  • Select all of your rectangles
  • Choose the rectangle tool
  • In the toolbar that has just changed or appeared, respectively, manually enter your desired value for Rx and Ry.

By default stretching affects the corner rounding in proportion. However you can de-select the second icon in the "Affect:" part of the "Tool controls" bar, this will allow you to keep the size of corners while stretching objects.

snapshot of toolbar

So if you have not created the rectangles yet, you can copy the original one and then stretch it to the desired size without affecting the corners.

Remark: It is advisable that you also de-select the first icon in "Affect:", else the stroke thickness will be affected, which is probably not what you want.

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