Is there a way to change the Ctrl+V command in OpenOffice.org Calc to paste unformatted text?

There is Ctrl+Shift+V, which puts up a dialog. But, that is too much work. I just want to change the default Ctrl+V behaviour.

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Steps to make CTRL+V to trigger 'Paste Unformatted Text':

1. Create macro:

  • go in 'Tools > Macro > Record Macro'.
  • A small box with a button 'Stop recording' button appears
  • Place the mouse in one cell
  • go in 'Edit > Paste Special > Unformatted text'
  • press 'Stop recording' and
  • save the macro with a name like 'PasteUnformatted'

2. Trigger macro on CTRL+V:

  • Go to Tools > Customize > Keyboard (see screenshot below)
  • Find the Category list (bottom left - may need to scroll)
  • Select 'OpenOffice Macros > user > Standard > Module1'
  • find your 'PasteUnformatted' macro
  • Select CTRL+V in the 'Shortcut keys list'
  • Click 'Modify' then 'OK'

Tools > Customize > Keyboard with Macro and CTRL+V selected (mac)

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You can also just switch the assigned keys from Paste to Paste Unformatted, and from Paste Unformatted to Paste. I've done this in version 6.4. I haven't tested the idea in Calc or any other module.

What you want to do is change the keystrokes that are associated with the “Paste Unformatted” and “Paste” commands. You do this using the Keyboard Customization tool.

Start by choosing Tools –> Customize. When the dialog box appears, select the “Keyboard” tab.  A dialog box containing 4 panels and some control buttons appears.  The top panel contains a list of every key the system allows modifying along with the command that key performs.  For example, pressing F2 starts a formula expression; F11 invokes the styles panel.

Keyboard Customization Dialog Box

In the Category panel, lower left corner, scroll down and highlight the Edit Category.

In the Function Panel, scroll down, and highlight Paste. The Keys panel displays "Ctrl+Shift+V". Highlight that keystroke and click the Delete button (upper right). Leave this Function unassigned for the moment.

Now highlight the Paste Unformatted Text item in the Function box. The Keys panel will display "Ctrl+V". Click Delete for this key. Now neither function has a keystroke associated with it.

To associate Ctrl+Shift+V with the Paste Unformatted Text Function, go to the Shortcut Keys panel and highlight the Ctrl+Shift+V option. Click the Modify button. "Ctrl+Shift+V" now appears in the Keys panel on the lower left.

Go back to the Paste option in the Function panel. Find "Ctrl+V" in the top Shortcut Keys panel, highlight it and press the Modify button on the right. "Ctrl+V" appears in the Keys panel on the lower left.

Click OK. Your two paste functions are now associated with the keystrokes in the way you want them.

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Why complicate things? A simpler way to paste Unformated Text with Ccontrol V is simply to record a macro (paste icon in top icon menu) where you manually paste unformated text. Next go to Tools, Adjust and select category macro, your macto, and the control-v option.


Everytime you now use ctrl-v your text is pasted unformated.



bak = %clipboard%
clipboard = %bak%
Send ^v

That would replace Control-Shift-V with an "unformatted" paste, globally.

If you wanted it OOo Calc only, you'd do something like:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class [something]
bak = %clipboard%
clipboard = %bak%
Send ^v

Where [something] is the window's Class name, which you could easily find out with AHK's bundled Window Spy. (This one would actually replace Control-V (^ means control, + means shift), but doing that systemwide is a bad idea)

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