I take attendance in large, lecture classes. Each student inputs a vote on a multiple-choice question with a "clicker" (a hand-held, remote control device), and each clicker has a 6-digit, hexadecimal serial number. This semester, I have been placing the attendance data into an Excel spreadsheet (sorting hexadecimal numbers is a nightmare, but that's another story). Due to students' absences, the list of serial codes is different---and has a different size---for different days. Therefore, I have been manually checking off on attendance by visually looking for the same serial numbers.

Can you suggest a way to have Excel automate this process?


If the data is all in columns in a single worksheet, use =countif() on a new worksheet where you have:

  • column A Student Name
  • column B Student Hexcode
  • column C =countif(reference to the column in the other sheet, cell to the left)

This would give you a count of attendance for students to compare to the number of classes held so far.

Alternatively if the data for each class is in a separate worksheet (either in a single workbook, or multiple workbooks:

  • column A Student Name
  • column B Student Hexcode
  • column C-X (one for each class) =match(cell with Hexcode, range for this class, false)

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