I just got a http://codekeyboards.com/ keyboard but can't work out how to switch the backlighting on. Ideas?

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The user's guide for the WASD v2 keyboards (including the CODE) can be found here.

You will note that Fn + F11 and Fn + F12 are used to adjust the backlight, but will only function if DIP switch #6 is set to the ON position on the bottom of your keyboard.

Source: This answer was typed on a CODE keyboard. :-)

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    And note that there are tiny icons on the front edge of the keys (not that anyone would ever see these until after they have come looking for how to turn on the backlight ;-) Jul 30, 2014 at 8:18
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    Don't forget to unplug and plug it back in if not already after moving the dip switch
    – user495079
    Sep 9, 2015 at 5:11

Function + F12 toggles backlighting on/off. Function + F11 should cycle between the backlighting levels, from lowest to brightest.


If you have the 61-key CODE keyboard, use Fn+X to cycle the LED mode between

  • off (default)
  • on
  • recently touched
  • on, but snore when it hasn't been touched in a while

Fn+C turns down the brightness, and Fn+V turns up the brightness.

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