I know that the -h option outputs file sizes in human-readable format when, for example, displaying the transfer progress with --progress.

But is it possible to get this same file size formatting in the log files? I see options/escapes to display the number of bytes being transferred (%b) and also the total size of the file (%l), but don't see any way to output more human-readable equivalents for these values.

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Found this here rsyncd.conf -- configuration file for rsync in daemon mode ...

log format  
    This parameter allows you to specify the format used for logging file  
    transfers when transfer logging is enabled. The format is a text string   
    containing embedded single-character escape sequences prefixed with a  
    percent (%) character. An optional numeric field width may also be   
    specified between the percent and the escape letter (e.g. "%-50n %8l %07p").   

    In addition, one or more apostrophes may be specified prior to a   
    numerical escape to indicate that the numerical value should be made   
    more human-readable. The 3 supported levels are the same as for the  
    --human-readable command-line option, though the default is for human-  
    readability to be off. Each added apostrophe increases the level  
    (e.g. "%''l %'b %f").      

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