I have read that the Windows account logged onto the computer that is running tasks from the Windows Task Scheduler needs to have administrator rights. I used the administrator account to create the task, but the problem is I cannot leave the computer with the admin account logged on. I have to switch to the non-admin account, but I want that task to still be run based on the criteria I have set up within Task Scheduler.

Is there any way where I can setup a task in Task Scheduler and have it run on an account that doesn't have administrator rights?

PS: The task is a very simple one. Moving files from one place to another, that's all.

  • @turmuka: This is a very old post, and its description is very bad. You must tell us what's wrong with the existing answer, whether the task was defined in the Task Scheduler and which account. – harrymc Feb 10 at 16:41
  • basically the question is, can I create a task without the Administrator account (no admin rights) @harrymc – turmuka Feb 12 at 18:29
  • @turmuka: Is the task to be run with the highest privileges (admin)? If it's not, do you want it to be created by an admin and then triggered by a non-admin? – harrymc Feb 12 at 20:17
  • no, just create by a non admin user, trigger by a non admin user @harrymc – turmuka Feb 12 at 20:36
  • @turmuka: I have added an answer for a standard user. – harrymc Feb 12 at 21:02

There is no way to create a scheduled task without admin rights, or this would be a serious security bug in Windows.

The Task Scheduler can only be used by an administrator, so you should look for some other solution for a standard user, by using a third-party product.

Here is a list of scheduling products that do not use the Task Scheduler, in no particular order. Some are pretty basic and some are more complex. I haven't used them, so cannot recommend one in particular.


@xenon if you have admin access, created a scheduled task, & only works while admin is logged in sounds like the task and/or script needs to be fixed. Ideas:

  • Check that task is setup to run when admin user logged out: enter image description here
  • Does the task/script require some kind of interaction, if so remove or automate it
  • If task doesn't require admin access follow steps below to put in non-admin user startup
  • Worst method: if task requires admin & you can't automate it for some reason (requires user interaction): create shortcut of batch script, modify shortcut to open as admin (will prompt for password every time its opened), place shortcut in non-admin user startup location seen below enter image description here

@turmuka run automated task for non-admin user: don't use Task Scheduler, write batch script, put in user startup so it runs automatically.

  1. Write a batch script (.BAT or .CMD)
  2. Test it
  3. Put in User Startup: run, shell:startup, paste batch script or shortcut to batch script here

C:\Users\InsertUsernameHere\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


Which steps are you taking when you create a task using Windows Task Scheduler? In the very first window, General tab, you can change the user the task should run for, and check the "Run with highest privileges" box.

Create the task with your admin account and it should work just fine for the other account.


You can definitely create a service account with Administrator privileges and set it to run the job when Windows start up.

  1. Create New Task
  2. General --> Security Options:
  • Run whether user is logged on or not
  • Run with highest privileges.
  • When running the task, use the following user account --> Set to service account.
  1. Define Actions and triggers and condition, the click OK
  2. Password requested for account, please key in password.
  3. Setup is completed.

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