I have installed my Spotify app on my OSX 10.9.2 and I opened it with Full Screen mode. Somehow the app crashed and every time I open the app it always comes with Full Screen mode and keeps crashing. I deleted and reinstalled again a couple times already, but nothing works. Not sure how to solve this problem. Is there anyway I could completely delete the app on OSX and not just drag and drop to the Trash.


Probably you do not need to uninstall Spotify, but you may want to remove Spotify's settings.

  1. Open Finder
  2. Click Go in the menu bar
  3. Press ⌥ and keep it down
  4. A new item Library appears, click it
  5. Release ⌥
  6. Go to the folder Preferences
  7. Search for Spotify
  8. Instead of searching on this machine, search in Preferences (current folder)
  9. Move or remove any Spotify related file to reset the preferences

If Spotify still doesn't work, repeat the same steps, but instead of Preferences, choose the Application Support folder. If it still doesn't work, search the entire Library.

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