Is possible to split cell after first space?

ID;name;city street;phone;
51;Joe;Paris Sezame street;77755566;
52;John;Prague Under Bridge;666555444;
53;Helen;Tokio 3.st;66554455;


ID;name;city; street;phone;
51;Joe;Paris; Sezame street;77755566;
52;John;Prague; Under Bridge;666555444;
53;Helen;Tokio; 3.st;66554455;
  • You just want to insert a semi-colon before the first space? – Jerry Mar 30 '14 at 17:39

Use the SUBSTITUTE function. In another column enter this and fill down to the last row.

=SUBSTITUTE(A1," ","; ",1)

Here A1 is the first cell with data.

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