I have a machine on which my Thunderbird is configured for three accounts (IMAP and NNTP, but NO POP).

How could I have those accounts available on other machines using Thunderbird ? I obviously would also like to have my Thunderbird extensions managed automatically (typically Lightning, which would use my GMX calendar).

I would prefer to use Firefox sync, but it doesn't seems to be available for Thunderbird. is there a way to make use of that excellent sync tool ? If not, I guess I could go the file sync way (using Dropbox or any other solution), but I would vastly prefer the sync to be done with Mozilla solution.


A bug has been open since 2008, but unfortunately this feature is still in the early stages.


Mozilla hasn't been working very much on new features for Thunderbird since 2012, so it's doubtful this will happen any time soon.


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