I copied the Windows 8 CD to my HDD. I want to convert that folder to an ISO and use that to create a bootable USB.

Please tell me how I can make an ISO image out of that folder containing files.

This is my folder which I want to convert to a ISO file:

  • You should be able to use any disk burning program that supports creating an .iso file. After you do that you can use the program of your choice to burn the .iso to the flash drive.
    – Ramhound
    Apr 2, 2014 at 13:32

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To do that, at first you will need a ISO image creator tool. PowerISO can be a good choice as it's interface is easy and making bootable image using this software is straightforward.

Now follow the image to drag and drop files inside PowerISO and select DVD 4.7G.

enter image description here

You will see that it is showing Non-bootable Image as no boot configuration is added yet. Now to add boot configuration, go to Action -> Boot -> Add boot information....

enter image description here

Then, in the dialog box click on the file icon beside File and go to the directory where your Windows 8 files are kept. Then follow the next image to select All Files(*.*) as the file type.

enter image description here

After that you will find a file named etfsboot. Select it and hit OK. Then you will see in lower left corner of PowerIso, now it is showing as Bootable Image, which means that you have successfully configured it as a bootable image. Now save the image file in your desired location and you are done.


Create ISO image is able by MagicISO or CDBurnerXP.

Bootable USB stick is able to create by MS USB DVD Download Tool

OR you can use these MS commands.


Creating bootable USB using command prompt (cmd.exe).
Software such as Power ISO are often severely limited in terms of features in their free versions, so I wanted to use native windows tools to make bootable USB. I followed MS commands link given by @jerry1, with a few modifications of my own to create a Windows 11 bootable USB drive.

  1. Insert a USB drive
  2. open elevated command prompt (Run cmd.exe as administrator)
  3. Run the following commands
  4. diskpart
  5. list disk Make sure you see the list of disks so that you dont select the wrong drive by mistake.
  6. select disk 1 Instead of 1 use the disk number for your USB drive
  7. clean Remove partition table. Save data before this
  8. create partition primary Create a new partition table
  9. select partition 1
  10. format fs=fat32 quick label=w11 The MSDN link uses NTFS partition, fat32 worked for me.
  11. active Mark the partition active. Some bootloaders use this flag to figure out which of the partitions contain OS
  12. exit Exit diskpart
  13. cd D:\downloads\WINDOWS11E64V22154 Navigate to folder containing Windows setup files
  14. cd boot Navigate to boot folder
  15. bootsect.exe /nt60 f: /mbr Run bootsect command to write info to MBR. /mbr is for MBR partitioning type. If you see an error similar to The update may be unreliable since ... make sure the USB drive is not open in any explorer or cmd.exe window (details on MSDN link).

cmd.exe commands

  1. Copy all files from setup folder to the USB drive. You can use explorer for this.

Directory structure of USB drive after copying files:

Directory structure of USB drive after copying windows setup files

On my system I had to turn off safe mode, and fast boot in BIOS. You may also have to enable legacy/compatibility mode in BIOS.


  1. MSDN: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/archive/blogs/danstolts/create-bootable-usb-thumb-drive-key-using-diskpart-with-windows-8-media-to-install-windows-8-release-preview-or-other-operating-system
  2. https://www.diskpart.com/articles/bootable-usb-windows-11-0001.html

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