I have productivity issue with short-cut-buttons on my toolbar in Total Commander:

  1. I do know how to add short-cut, which open directory in active tab (cd c:\MyDirectory),
  2. I do know how to add short-cut, which create new tab in active window (cm_opennewtab)

But I do not know how to add shortcut which merge above two in one, so I can open desired directory in new tab. Any ideas?


I just figured out with some help on the TC official forum. Assign your keyboard shortcut to a user command which runs this:

%COMMANDER_EXE% "c:\your\path" /O /T /S
  • Thanks! It works like a charm. I've already lost hope that anyone is able to solve that. I hope somebody find it useful some day. – user2551229 Jul 16 '14 at 18:51

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