I have a requirement to perform MAC based policy routing on embedded Linux platform (desktop Linux example will work as well) . I have examined the man of

ip route add

command and did not found any option to specify mac address as a policy criteria. Is any option to do that. May be routing based on some eatables classification results.

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I've done reasonably complicated source-based routing years ago with the ipfw utility, on FreeBSD, though a quick check informs me that ipfw is deprecated now, replaced by pfctl (Packet Filter Control). This is on MacOS/FreeBSD, but its likely ported to Linux.

Even many more years ago, we used to use the open source GateD open-source UNIX-based routing daemon for source-based policy routing on the NSFnet's backbone of IBM RS/6000s runing AIX, but that software package does not appear to be current.

Wikipedia has a list of open-source routing software packages here , most if not all will provide for source-based policy routing above and beyond basic ipfw or pf.conf provides.

Two packages that I've heard of before, though not personally used are BIRD and Quagga.

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