This being a new area to me, I'm not even sure on the terminology. Cloning, I believe is the correct term for what I'm trying to do.

I have a machine which has several local and several network drives (all show up in Windows Explorer with their designated letters for separate partitions). I would like to clone them all (everything, including an OS) to an external USB HDD, so I can make copy everything to an identical machine with minimum of fuss.

How would one go about that?

I'm guessing booting from the external HDD and ... ?


There are quite a few software options for making clones (bit-to-bit copies) of partitions, including free options like EaseUS, Paragon, Acronis, etc. However, I am not sure that they can do bit-to-bit clones of network drives. For those, you might have to do manual copies.

The paid versions could have those features. A quick search suggests that Acronis supports network drives.


No need to reinvent the wheel. Use dd utility. Primitive, powerful, reliable, free. Available on all linux distributions and also available as dd for windows

Definitely worth a try.

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