I was wondering if there was a way to prevent a website from taking me out of fullscreen mode? I use TubePlus.me and they serve ads on their pages - revenue - I get that. However, when I watch a video and put the page into fullscreen mode, sometimes you can see the video start to "lag" or "stutter" throughout the video... and then many times right after it does this, the page minimizes out of fullscreen mode. My guess is this is happening so their ads will be seen again, because in fullscreen mode no ads can be seen / heard, etc. How do I prevent this from happening and persistently stay in fullscreen?

After doing a little more checking, it appears the videos on the page are delivered in Flash - I have ver It is possible that something in Flash is being exploited to minimize the screen??

Another possibility is my anti-virus.. (Rarely, but I have had my anti-virus activate when using the same site that is minimizing - TubePlus.me) I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. I know it has a System Watcher feature that could possibly be doing this. Per their help section:

•Controls executable files started from vulnerable applications and web browsers (for example, an attempt to run an executable file by a program designed for viewing documents).

•Controls suspicious actions of vulnerable applications (for example, if the rights of a running vulnerable application are exceeded and it writes itself into the other processes’ system memory).

•Monitors previous program starts (for example, whether the program was started by the user or by an exploit).

•Tracks a source of a malicious code (for example, a web browser that started download of an infected file; remote web address).

•Prevents using application vulnerabilities.

Any ideas?


In my opinion, if the owners of that site want you to exit the fullscreen-mode, there is less to nothing, that you can do.

So I would recommend you to use an adblocker like AdBlock Plus. This way, you can block the ads and maybe also stop the website to force you to exit fullscreen-mode.


Maybe you should be able to disable javascript to disable that functionality.


Since I can't visit the site at work I'm going to assume the full screen is achieved using Javascript.

Depending on what the technology is, you may be able to just disable Javascript to prevent the full screen(normal size screen) from being trigged... Of course this may have other negative affects if the destination page requires Javascript to function (but that isn't your question)


The website is probably implemented that way. As in javascript might be the cause. Just as I tried to research I found this. What this page shows is that a javascript code can simply make a webpage force your browser to open the site in fullscreen. For similar reasons, a code can reverse it as well.

What I will suggest is(for chrome): 1. Type chrome://settings/content in the address bar. 2. Under the javascript section- Check Do not allow any site to run JavaScript.

Hope this will solve your issue.

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