I'd like to make a leader shortcut for doing multiple global search and replaces in the current buffer.

For example, pressing leader then "fq", I'd like it to search and replace 3 times globally, replacing:

  • "a" with "b"
  • "c" with "d"
  • "e" with "f"

I've read the help on it and think I'm close, but this doesn't work (seems to only do the first search):

map <leader>fq :%s/a/b/ge | %s/c/d/ge | %s/e/f/ge<CR>

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The command separator | has a higher precedence than the :map arguments, so you're effectively executing this:

:map <leader>fq :%s/a/b/ge
:%s/c/d/ge | %s/e/f/ge<CR>

You need to escape the | character, or better use the <Bar> special key notation when defining the mapping:

:map <leader>fq :%s/a/b/ge <Bar> %s/c/d/ge <Bar> %s/e/f/ge<CR>

PS: You should use :noremap; it makes the mapping immune to remapping and recursion.

  • hey! thanks Ingo.... that totally fixed it up... much appreciated!
    – Brad Parks
    Apr 6, 2014 at 1:09

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