I use Adobe Acrobat Pro X on Windows 7 x64 SP1. I keep having the error message "There was an error while copying to the Clipboard. An internal error occurred." while I hit Ctrl+C. The message is mistaken as copying to the Clipboard does work.

Is there any way to hide the following error window:

enter image description here


It's annoying to have to close it each time I need to copy something in Adobe Acrobat Pro X.

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Edit --> Preferences --> Security (Enhanced) --> Uncheck "Enable protected mode at startup" (or "Enable enhanced security).

It worked for me, but looks like some people still have problems.

From https://forums.adobe.com/message/2005962 by "paulh"


For Windows 10, right-click Start, go to System, then Clipboard and turn Clipboard history off. That worked for me.

  1. If you have idm:

    • go to downloads->settings->general->uncheck automatically start downloading links from clipboard.

    • For mine it was idm that caused problem. (Internet download manager)

  2. If you don't have idm:

    • check your os, is there any software on it that monitors clipboard... if there is, turn it off.

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