I have a restored clone Centos VM that needs to have it's initrd remade to boot properly. To do this I need to boot from the centos DVD. It has worked in the past but now will not. I have set the VM to look at my physical harddrive and also at an ISO and it ignores it every time then runs it's (failed boot sequence).

enter image description here How can I get the VM to boot from the DVD as it should.?


try to get to BIOS setup right after the boot (there is the "go to BIOS setup screen during next boot" checkbox somewhere in Options tab there) and check the boot order sequence. The CD/DVD drive is not usually the first one...


How to get to BIOS to change boot sequence order:

  1. Open .vmx file where your VM is stored locally

  2. Add this line to the end :

    bios.forceSetupOnce = "TRUE"

  3. Save file and start VM.

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