I'd like to use a custom legend for a diagram. Is that possible?

If it's helpful for anyone:

  • Xubuntu 13.10

  • LO 4.1

  • How should the legend look like? – tohuwawohu Apr 10 '14 at 8:19
  • Prett much like the standard one, except that I would like to have customs descriptions. – henry Apr 10 '14 at 9:20

Yes you can create a custom legend. To do so, you will have to provide the custom Data Range names separately in your spreadsheet (you can use the same sheet as our data, a separate sheet or even a separate .ods file). This is because the "data range name" is used in the legend by default; and the data range name is always set using a cell range reference.

With the custom data range names prepared, you can reference them in the third step of the "Insert Chart" wizard (Menu "Insert" -> "Chart..."). In the following screenshot, i'm creating a chart from values B2:B4, using the content of A24 as name:

enter image description here

You can also add or edit the legend later. To do so:

  • Double-Click on the chart to open "Chart edit" mode (or right-click on the chart and select "Edit");
  • right-click on the chart to open the context menu and select "Data Ranges", or
  • Menu "Format" -> "Data Ranges".

This will show the following dialogue, the same as the third wizard step:

enter image description here

The "Data series" list box shows the data series name as it will appear in the legend.


Just add the symbol " in the begining and the end of the legend title.|


Range for Name : " My Custom Tilte 34 "

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