I have a HP Pavillion a6500f, and right now it only has stock components like a OEM 250W PSU and a onboard 128MB GeForce 7100. I plan to purchase newer, more powerful parts like:

My question is, is the 450W Rosewill PSU sufficient enough to power either graphics cards and the Intel E6500 CPU?

  • A 450W PSU should be more than sufficient for those specifications. Nov 22, 2009 at 23:39
  • They always state more than required and you said that a 400w is minimum - meaning the 450 is "more than sufficient"... I have had dual SLI systems (on lowish cards) running off of 400w psus, and that looks like a good one looking at the detailed specifications, so I stand by original statement! Nov 23, 2009 at 0:05

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Use Newegg's Power Supply Calculator as there are more factors to be taken into consideration than CPU and GPU.

According to AMD the minimum requirements for the Radeon 46xx series is a 400w PSU, with 450w you wouldn't have much reserves.

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