I'm a bit puzzled about an issue I had today (btw i'm not a network expert, even less a Windows one)

Suppose I have 2 NICs,

  • Wi-fi with address
  • Ethernet with

The Ethernet is directly connected with a device with address

Supose there is a web server on that device.

I don't know the routes established on the system and i cannot check them, but the Wifi was first and the Ethernet was modified explicitly to have that address (the system is Windows 8)

I suppose at that time the route print command should show this (among other entries) yy xx

The question is: if I try now to connect to (and supposing there is no machine on the wifi with that ip), will it be possible to establish the connection ?


If there are two networks with the same parameters (as in your example), the OS chooses the network interface with the lowest metric to send traffic out. You can view the interface metric by netstat -rnv.

You can modify the metric values by going to the network card's properties, select IPv4, click Properties, click Advanced and disable Automatic metric and put in a manual value.

  • So there's no possibility of reaching supposing that yy is lesser than xx ? I mean, if the connection fails because there is no such on the network reachable from (the Wifi) it does not falls back to the Ethernet(20) interface ?
    – perencia
    Apr 12 '14 at 11:57

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