How can I copy selected text from Firefox with inline hyperlinks as plain text?

text { hyperlink | http://example.com } more text

A partial solution is here, but it's far from perfect.

I have been researching clipboard managers, autoitscript - didn't find a solution yet. the best solution would be cross-platform.

Any suggestions?

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The Firefox addon CoLT adds options to the right-click menu for links, to copy link text, URL etc. in a custom format to clipboard:

Firefox CoLT right-click menu

Open the addon options, click New > Custom Format... and enter the following:

Firefox Addon CoLT with custom format

It works for a link only, not for links in selected text (but you may email the author this as feature request).

Another solution I can think of is to select the text with links, right-click, View Selection Source and copy that. Then use a regular expression in a programmer's text editor or with some scripting language on the copied markup to format everything to your liking (mainly filter out unwanted tags).

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