I've installed Exchange 2013 on a computer running Server 2012 R2 on my local network. I've set it up as a domain controller, using a domain that I own.

  • I can send and receive email using Outlook Web Access from another machine
  • I can TELNET to the server on port 25 from my main machine and get a response from EHLO
  • The inbound SMTP email test at https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/ works fine
  • I've installed Outlook 2010 on the server itself and it works there

However, I can't get Outlook 2010 to connect to it from my main computer (which isn't a member of the domain), even though when setting up an Outlook profile, I can see the server and the Check Name facility works.

I get this:

enter image description here

Any pointers or things to try would be gratefully received.


Ok, so earlier I added autodiscover.mydomain.co.uk as an A record to my domain, which allows me to use Outlook's automatic account set up.

It seems to have propagated now, and on both my main computer, and also a laptop on the network (wired and wireless respectively), the autodiscover part works, but then logon to the server fails.

Is this a clue to anyone?



Solved. Since it was the logon that was failing, and I'd already eliminated firewalls as the cause, I thought I'd revisit my hosts file.

I added this... 192.168.x.y ServerName.mydomain.co.uk

(where 192.168.x.y is the static IP I've given my server)

Annoyingly, I had already added mail.mydomain.co.uk and Servername, but they are clearly not sufficient. So many wasted hours looking for that.... :(

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