CloudFlare requires a site to be accessible via WWW subdomain, which points (via CNAME record) to CF's server. That server grabs and caches content from my non WWW version of a site, doesn't it?

So it looks like both version of the site should be accessible and no 301/302 redirects should be performed (previously I redirected WWW version to non WWW for SEO reasons). So Google bot could see both versions of the site and treat it as different sites, couldn't it?

Can I redirect non WWW version of a site to WWW version and have CloudFlare works fine?

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You should enable Cloudflare on the non-WWW domain (it is a simple change on the DNS settings page), and leave the redirect from www. domain as it is.

Cloudflare has no requirements on the actual domain name you want to use. If you have used domain without www. prefix, it is best to keep it that way, so that you won't lose any SEO-benefits.

Everything will work just fine this way, Cloudflare will cache the non-www -domain.

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