My Windows 7 install has a strange problem where sometimes the scroll wheel icon for the mouse gets stuck on the screen. It's hard to explain in words, so here's a picture (it's in the blank space on the right side, halfway down the screen).

Picture of my problem.

Click start button > Type "Mouse". Now go to the pointer tab , Click on the arrow under "Schemes" and apply "Windows Aero(System Scheme)". Finally uncheck the box in front of "allow themes to change mouse pointer" .

This should work for you.

  • Didn't solve it for me – Datoraki Oct 22 '17 at 9:34
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    i switched to a new theme, then back to the original and it solved the issue for me. Running windows 10. – 2b77bee6-5445-4c77-b1eb-4df3e5 Nov 25 '17 at 17:58
  • @2b77bee6-5445-4c77-b1eb-4df3e5 I also had success switching to Windows Basic and back in Windows 7 – gkubed Apr 11 at 16:00

Unchecking "allow themes to change mouse pointer" did not work for me. What did work on the other hand was the following solution (for Synaptics touch pads):

run regedit, navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTPEnh in left pane, right click SynTPEnh, select New/DWORD Value. Name of the new key should be writable, Name it: UseScrollCursor , value should be zeros at default, no need to change (in my case). (Credit: Mr JGR)

Then I rebooted my computer and the icon was gone.     

  • Note that you need to reboot before this solution works - it's not totally clear in the link. This other link is more clear:… – Neo May 22 at 21:08

I have the same issue but I didn't have "Allow themes to change mouse pointer" checked. So I uncheck "Enable Pointer Shadow" and it works.

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This happens for me when, in the same time, I scroll with the Touchpad and move my mouse around (but only on specific softwares).

None of the permanent fixes above worked for me (Windows 10) (adding UseScrollCursor in regedit + changing shceme) but I can at least remove the stuck icons, each time it happens, by restarting the process SynTPEnh.exe in Process Hacker

  1. In Process Hacker, search for syntpenh
  2. Right-click SynTPEnh.exe
  3. Select restart

It's not a permanent fix, but it works.

enter image description here

If you don't have Process Hacker and you don't want to install it:

  1. Open Task Manager, find Synaptics TouchPad, right-click and select open file location
  2. Go back in Task Manager, right click the same process Synaptics TouchPad and select End Task
  3. Go in the file explorer windows opened in step 1 and double click SynTPEnh.exe

Try Ctrl+scroll(tried two fingers in my case)

reinstall the drivers for your "mouse" and/or pointing devices.

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