I was wondering if there either an upgrade to the basic windows utilities (ideally a gadget) or some other program to quickly and easily manipulate audio settings/output.

I'll give some examples of the kind of things I'd like to do for the entire system, I don't expect to be able to do all of them:

Example 1)Let's say I am listening to videos and someone accidentally set their mic to single channel and it only blasts on one of my channels. I want to be able to set output to play on both channels (mono).

Example 2)I am listening to a something that plays on dual channels, and I wanted to merge both channels to play mono, or I wanted to invert one channel and merge to mono so I eliminate the audio shared on each channel.

Example 3) Control gains at various frequency ranges

Example 4) Set audio output source per monitor (front/back ports), or for certain applications.

Example 5) Raise/lower pitch

Being able to set presets would be nice too, or a restore settings.

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