I have script that used curl when i pass wrong parameters to script curl failed but script continue executing. I have tried use curl -f/--fail parameter but problem does not solved. What is the best way to stop script?

I have founded my mistake. I used curl command into another command

echo `curl --fail ... || exit 1`

After removing echo command curl become working properly. Thank you for answer, it is also useful.


You can check for exit code using $?:

exit_status = $?
if [ $exit_status != 0 ]
    exit $exit_status

If you want to analyze exit status, take a look at the Exit codes section from man curl page. There are a lot of different codes, depending on why it failed.

EDIT : You can use command1 || command2 as well. command2 is executed if and only if command1 has failed:

curl .... || exit 1

Just exit if curl ends with a non-zero exit code:

curl http://www.example.com || exit 1

Or, make your script exit on error:

set -e
curl http://www.example.com

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