I am looking for a Outlook (2003) script.

What I need: I want to forward all my emails from mailbox-A (from a PC) to mailbox-B (on my phone). The catch is: This rule should only run, when I send a 'request' to mailbox-A.

What I did: I've created two rules in Outlook 2003.

Rule1- This rule forwards all emails from mailbox-A to mailbox-B. This rule works, but it is not automated (only runs when I press the button 'run rules'). I only want to receive emails 'when I want to'.

Rule2- I've created a second rule in Outlook. This rule starts (itself) when mailbox-A receives an email with 'get_mail' as email subject.

My goal: I want rule2 to start a script. Obviously, this script should run rule1.

Result: All emails from mailbox-A are forwarded to mailbox-B.

Backgroud: My goal is to read my work emails on my phone, commuting between work and home. By sending an email from my phone to my PC (with email subject get_mail), my PC (mailbox-A) forwards all emails to my phone (mailbox-B).

Is this possible using VBA? And how should the code look like? I have no experience with scripting, but I'm good with PCs and software in general. So I should be able install it when somebody supplies to the code.

(p.s. It is not possible to simply install the pop/imap account on my phone)


Yes, it is possible to have one rule trigger another rule. Here is a VBA procedure for Outlook that should work:

Sub RunRuleToForwardEmail(MyMail As MailItem)

    Dim st As Outlook.Store
    Dim myRule As Outlook.Rule

    ' get default store (where rules live)
    Set st = Application.Session.DefaultStore
    ' get rule
    Set myRule = st.GetRules("change_this_to_whatever_the_the_name_of_rule1_is") 'change this line

End Sub

Remember to change this text: change_this_to_whatever_the_the_name_of_rule1_is.

Once you save your Outlook VBA Project, edit the actions of rule2. You should then be able to choose the above script in the list of options.

  • Thanks for you prompt answer. THe name of the rule is actually 'rule1'. So I changed your bit of the code into 'Set myRule = st.GetRules("rule1")'. Is that correct? I was able to select the script as action in rule2. Unfortunately it did not work. Did I make a mistake? – user316237 Apr 17 '14 at 4:13
  • Hm, yes that's correct. I tried it myself and it worked (although my rule1 just categorised my mail, didn't forward it). Add this extra code at the beginning of the procedure: MsgBox "The RunRuleToForwardEmail VBA procedure is running". Put this on it's own line before the first Dim statement. Then try it. If the code is running properly, a message should appear in Outlook to alert you. If this message doesn't appear, then something must be wrong with the rule that is meant to trigger it. – Garrulinae Apr 17 '14 at 4:22
  • No success :-(. Code is as followed: [Link]Sub RunRuleToForwardEmail(MyMail As MailItem) MsgBox "The RunRuleToForwardEmail VBA procedure is running" Dim st As Outlook.Store Dim myRule As Outlook.Rule Dim rl As Outlook.Rule ' get default store (where rules live) Set st = Application.Session.DefaultStore ' get rule Set myRule = st.GetRules(rule1) myRule.Execute End Sub – user316237 Apr 17 '14 at 4:26
  • Aha - the text rule1 has to be surrounded by quote marks: "rule1". The message should still have appeared, did it? – Garrulinae Apr 17 '14 at 4:29
  • I added the quote marks, nothing changed. I did not see any message either. I added to rule1 'set flag color green'. And to rule2 'set flag color purple'. When the email with subject get_mails comes arrives, this email gets a purple flag. Any other way to create a 'check'? – user316237 Apr 17 '14 at 4:37

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