How to get vertical split on Mac OS X in byobu?

Ctrl + F2 is not working. It open new window instead of spliting the current.

In oposite spliting horizontaly with shift + F2 works ok.

  • I've disabled every control modifier shortcut I can find in the keyboard shortcuts and control+F-keys are still not being sent to the terminal. Most frustrating :/ – nedned Dec 6 '18 at 7:17

You can use screen escape key to do that:

Ctrl + A and then % for vertical split or | for horizontal split.

For whole list: Ctrl + A and after that ?.


Ctrl + F2 is associated to Mac shortcut 'Move focus to the menu bar'. That might be why it is not working for you.


You can also use shift + the arrow keys.

  • left and right for vertical splits, and
  • up and down for horizontal splits.

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