I'm helping a friend resurrect data from the internal drive of a Windows Vista laptop which survived a house fire -- call this SingedDrive. We bought a new Windows 8 laptop, and I've installed SingedDrive into an external case and hooked it to the Windows 8 laptop via USB. SingedDrive mounts fine and shows up on the Win8 Laptop as the D: drive.

I've set up and am running on the Win 8 Laptop as the "hidden administrator" (net user administrator /active:yes, which completed successfully.)

However, when I attempt to copy contents of SingedDrive's Documents and Settings > My Friend >Documents to the Win 8 Laptop, I get "Folder Access Denied - You need permission to perform this action - You require permission from the computer's administrator to make changes to this folder."

I had administrator access on the old laptop as well, but all that's left of it is SingedDrive. How do I get the contents of SingdedDrive onto the Windows 8 laptop?

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    Sounds like you might need to take ownership of the files. You can do this by opening Advanced under the Security tab from the file properties and changing the Owner. – Michael Frank Apr 23 '14 at 3:56

I boot to a Linux live CD when transferring data. Can avoid Windows permission issues and the copy using rsync is usually faster


Based on +Michael Frank's comment, I looked at D: drive (= SingedDrive) properties

  • Security

  • Advanced

  • Owner:

  • Change (top of window)

  • Enter the object name to select

  • Administrator

  • Check Names

  • Ok (which takes me back to the Advanced Security Settings screen, with Owner set to Administrator (top of screen)

  • check "Replace all child object permission entries ..."

  • Apply

I also had to explicitly give Administrator full control of all the files in the hierarchy, through a similar process.

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