I have about hundreds of server(all has its own working copy), fabric(python ssh tool for administration) will issue multiple svn update to those machines, many commands (10% machine) return Connection reset by peer. The svnserve's log show not enough updates(for example, svnserve's log show only 4 update for 11 svn update, see docs here).

I want to know how to set backlog for svnserve, and how to set time-out for svnserve(svn protocol), and how many connection can be served concurrently by svnserve command?

Is this http-timeout for http or svn protocol?

  • To me it looks like it is only for http protocol. I do not see any effect of http-timeout option on my svn timeout, which is way to big. Mar 17, 2016 at 10:24


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