I recently updated my copy of Sublime Text to 3. Everything is awesome, except one thing that is driving me crazy. Whenever I indent my line with the tab key, it automatically undoes it. I then have to hit tab a second time for it to 'stick'.



This is how I want my HTML to be presented, however, when I open the bracket of the 'body' tag, sublime automatically adjusts my line to

< -- I don't want to type here, Sublime!

I then have to delete my '<' and hit tab a second time. At this point it will allow me to type with the indent.

I expect this is some kind of preference that has been enabled, but I have no idea what to look for.

Anyone know how I can change this?


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Add "trim_automatic_white_space": false to your user settings. When set to true, auto indent tabs will be automatically removed when the cursor is moved off of the line.

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    This is not an issue with the answer, just an FYI. Once you do set this to false, then when you close a tag, Sublime will not "unindent" to match the indentation of the opening tag. – doubletap Nov 4 '16 at 17:45
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  • Keep in mind you can also add this to syntax-specific settings. It was becoming incredibly annoying with python because it makes the code not "compile" (empty lines within a function must be indented still), but I like it on pretty much everything else so I just did that. – TrisT Jan 4 at 5:53

Try disabling your 'auto_indent' or 'smart_indent' settings (from True to False).

Here's a link to additional indentation settings:


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