So I basically followed this tutorial and set up a load balancer on my nginx server.

upstream backend  {
  server backend1.example.com;
  server backend2.example.com;

Now all the incoming request gets distributed amongst these servers.

My question is that how can I configure nginx to something like, any request that comes to 192.35.111.XX/?a=100 gets redirected to backend1.example.com/?a=100 (or backend2.example.com/?a=100)

Right not 192.35.111.XX/?a=100 redirects to backend1.example.com (or backend2.example.com)

How can I configure nginx to save parameters while load balancing ?


If you followed the steps of the tutorial, nginx does that by default and pass the original, untouched request URI to the backend.

How does the block containing the proxy_pass directive looks like? Is there anything which, according to its documentation, might overwrite the URI passed to the backend?

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