I don't want my %PATH% environment variable to be polluted with a bunch of directories and I want to have more control over what executables can be found. I created a folder C:\bin, added it to %PATH% and also added *.lnk to %PATHEXT%. C:\bin looks like this

file list here

Starting those programs from the command-line is not a problem at all. But I have a problem with the Gnu Make tool (from Cygwin). It can not find the programs from this folder.

C:\Users\niklas>make -f Desktop\test.mak
make: python: Command not found
test.mak:37: recipe for target 'dirs' failed
make: *** [dirs] Error 127

I wonder why make can not find these programs? Doesn't it use the Windows way to create a subprocess? Using Python, for instance, it works!

import os
# Sublime Text 3 opens ...

How can I fix this problem? If possible, without putting the actual directories of the executables into the PATH variable.


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