My tech knowledge is middle-low: as you can see I'm not shy about getting into the interfaces for my router, but have no idea what the more complex settings mean.

I got a new wireless router (D-Link DIR-825), and have been trying to get our VoIP phone to run through it. It was working fine when I had the former router connected to my phone adapter (a Linksys PAP2T) and stopped working when the new DIR-825 was put into place.

I'm as far as having a dial tone, but can't call out (a long, long pause, followed by a fast busy signal), and calling in results in our phone ringing, but nothing but silence on pick-up and the phone that's calling in just hears our phone ringing forever.

Service with this company (Unlimitel, now owned by Primus) is frankly not great: my initial reply was "see our support page", and when I asked for more help than that, got an "open ticket" notification, this reply, and an immediate "closed ticket" notification:


You'll need to adjust the firewall settings on your new router. Please add our SIP server to your firewall's white list or allowed list.

We use port UDP 5060 for SIP signaling. We use port UDP 10000-20000 for RTP voice packets.

Our server's host name is sip02.unlimitel.ca and the IP address is

For further information on adjusting your routing please contact your manufacturer.

Thank you, [name] Primus Business HPBX and VOIP support 1-888-222-8577

I've tried forwarding the ports, as here:

[forwarded ports]

I can't find any way to add a SIP server to the firewall allowed/white list; here are the router options:


Here's what the PAP2T system looks like. I've blurred out my name and my phone number. When the phone is on-hook:

PAP2T on hook

While dialling (1-800-222-2222 is the number being dialled):

PAP2T dialling

While getting that busy signal:

PAP2T busy

I don't seem to have any specific information about connecting to the service in the current PAP2 configuration:

PAP2T connections

...but I haven't changed anything with the PAP2T adapter, only changed the main router, so I'm not sure if I should be touching any of the PAP2T settings.

I can also see that in my Line 1 settings on the PAP2T adapter, the URL and port match up with what the support ticket provided.

PAP2T Line 1 settings

As you can see, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do next.

I'm in an Ubuntu 12.04 environment, if that makes a difference.

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Okay, so if anyone out there is having VoIP problems with a DIR-825 out of the box, just remember to upgrade the firmware before trying to "fix" anything. It's a long and painful process, as the B1 firmware requires three separate firmware upgrades to get it up to recent, but the firmware resolved it in the end.

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