i'm in big trouble. Here is my story:

  1. i wanted to resize my bootcamp patition (i had windows 8.1)
  2. i followd these steps https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5450324
  3. i resized hfs+ partition from mac os x
  4. i create a job to resize my windows partition ntfs after reboot with Mini Tool Partition
  5. after reboot my windows system is corrupted and not loaded, mac os x doest exist in boot (option) menu. here is the output of diskutil list :


0: FDisk_partition_scheme *121,3 GB

1: Widows_LDM 86.3 GB - my mac os system should be here. i'm sure there was no formatting but i dont know why filesystem is changed (should be hfs+)

2: Windows_LDM 35.0 GB - my windows drive (should be ntfs)

please help to save all my photos and data!


To be honest, it really looks like you formatted your OSX Drive.

Before you try repairing anything, I'd start of getting a complete image of the drive, preferrably with dd. Here's a pretty cool guide: Click

Once you've done that, you can boot into windows and fire up Testdisk. It's pretty self explanatory and may be able to recover the lost partition. It also brings PhotoRec, which managed to recover 99% of my files when I was in a similar situation.

Good luck.

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