I've bought some digital books, and I was supplied with both the PDF and the mobi format.

Adding them to Calibre, they are treated as different books, and strangely they also have different metadata (the PDF versions miss publisher and author information).

enter image description here

Is there a standard way to tell Calibre that they are the same book? Sure I could use it to manually convert one into the other one, but I would rather keep the original one in both formats.


My current version has a "Merge book records" menu entry. Just select all entries belonging to the same book, then right-click and find "Merge book records" under "Edit metadata".

The first clicked book will be the main one, whose metadata will be picked in case of conflicts.

enter image description here

The manual way would be:

  1. Delete all but one of the duplicate entries (NOT the files!)
  2. Open the metadata editor for the remaining entry (right-click, Edit metadata individually)
  3. Click the red book with the plus sign in the top right to add the other format's files
  4. Click OK when you're done.
  • That's it, thanks! I'd just add that the first clicked book will be the "main" one, which will keep the metadata in case of conflicts. – o0'. May 4 '14 at 18:41
  • But I'm trying this right now, and It doesn't work. In fact it always picks up the book it wants. I tested doing right click on the first and second book, but all the time it picks up the one it wants. – darkgaze Mar 28 '17 at 19:04

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