I'm looking for a Windows XP Professional (32-bit) ATI video driver for an HP Pavilion dv2 (model 1118nr).

I've downloaded and run several drivers packages, but none have worked so far. The notebook has a sticker on it that reads, "ATI Radeon Premium Graphics 3000 Series"

The notebook has an AMD Athlon Neo 64 CPU and it came with Vista 64, but I have a requirement to run 32-bit Windows XP.

Does such a driver exist, and if so, where is it?

I've tried the AMD ATI graphics drivers portal, but the "Mobility Radeon" section does not list the 3000 series. The "Radeon" section does list the 3000 series, but the package I downloaded and installed from there was not helpful.

I also selected "All Graphics - Notebook" on the "Search Drivers and Downloads" page, then selected "Windows XP Professional/Home" on the OS drop down, pressed "Submit", and downloaded and installed the only choice (this single choice is listed twice), but again, it didn't seem to help.


Your laptop has a ATi Mobility Radeon Premium Graphics 3410, but as you mentioned its not available on their page directly. There is a workaround, have a look at this thread.

First You must install .Net Framework here

ATi HD 3410 Graphics driver here

If it does not get installed then use method below.

For this card, ATI does NOT release Windows XP drivers.

However, you may utilize Mobility Modder by driverheaven.net.

Download the following files

  1. Download MSXML 6.0 from Microsoft, here
  2. Download Mobility Modder, here

Follow these steps:

  1. Install .Net Framework,
  2. Download newest desktop drivers, (You've already downloaded it - refer top)
  3. Run Catalyst Software Suite but cancel the installation once the driver is extracted.
  4. Run Mobility Modder, browse to the driver in C:ATI/SUPPORT/xxxxx/ --> hit modify. Wait until driver is modified.
  5. Wait until Install is finished and reboot.
  • Thanks for the links, but none of these suggestions worked for me. – Greg Mattes Nov 24 '09 at 20:54

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