Is it possible to change font_face property in Sublime Text 3? I tried changing in predawn.sublime-theme theme file, section with "class": sidebar_label without success. I know this worked in version 2, it that changed somehow?


You almost got it. In "class": sidebar_label just add a comma after the last entry and on the next line put the following:

"font.face": "Comic Sans"

(or whatever font you want). If the size is off, just add a comma and another line:

"font.size": 10

(or whatever size works).

  • Thanks. Where I was wrong is, that I tried with font_face instead of font.face ;)
    – branquito
    May 1 '14 at 19:38

There is several "class": sidebar_label. First of all, set font.face and fon.size together or it craches! It's better to set it in the first of all "class": sidebar_label. Example:

      // Bullet Tree Indicator

  "class": "tree_row",
  "settings": ["material_theme_bullet_tree_indicator"],
  "attributes": ["selected"],
  "layer1.texture": "Material Theme/assets/commons/tree_highlight--bullet.png",
  "layer1.inner_margin": [22, 16, 0, 0]

  "class": "sidebar_label",
  "color": [96, 125, 139],
  "font.bold": false,
  "font.italic": false,
  "font.face": "Fira Code Retina",
  "font.size": 8,
  "shadow_color": [255, 255, 255, 0],
  "shadow_offset": [0, 0]

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