How can I get todo.sh to put items that are due: today first, then after that sort the normal way (A-Z priority then everything else)?

There's this solution, but then you lose A-Z priority and have only "high priority" or "not" (unless you want to start memorizing the character order of punctuation...and either way you still lose the built-in colour coding.)

The mit add-on only shows by due: and ignores priority.

(What am I missing, here? Isn't this a pretty common way of organizing things? Deadlines first, priorities for everything else?)

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As mentioned in the Tips and Tricks section of the documentation you can define the TODOTXT_SORT_COMMAND in your configuration file to customize the sorting. I'm not really familiar with Todo.txt or the MIT add-on, but that is probably where I'd start looking.

  • Thanks, but I'm not at all familiar with how export TODOTXT_SORT_COMMAND='env LC_COLLATE=C sort -k 2,2 -k 1,1n' works...and even then it says after line number sorting in the comments in the config, so I'm not sure that's what I'm looking for even if I did.
    – Kev
    May 1, 2014 at 23:24

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