With FF version 29 my status bar vanished and I don't see any URL preview: when I hover over a link I want to see the URL associated to it!

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    I use Firefox 29.0 too. When I move the mouse over a link, a preview of the URL is displayed at the bottom. If that's not the case, start Firefox in Safe Mode to see whether you still get the same issue. You can try a portable version, too. Those steps should provide you enough troubleshooting information; you might then consider resetting Firefox settings.
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    May 2, 2014 at 8:34

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The link previews are functioning (For example, when I view this page) in Firefox 34. They appear in the lower-left corner of the window in the same place where they would have been if the status bar still existed.

But they don't appear for certain types of links. Links that invoke Javascript don't seem to have a preview. I was confused by this and thought the previews were broken for a while after the last upgrade.


I finally managed to fix it by removing Status4Evar and The Puzzle Piece and then restarting Firefox.

You might want to try removing all other add-ons that try and interact with the status bar / add-ons bar.


You need to install an addon called "The Status Bar (Restored)" along with "Status-4-Evar".

Firefox 29 completely removes all addon bar functionality and with it took away the URL preview which not even "Status-4-Evar" seems to put back, this addon puts back the addon bar and Status-4-Evar displays the link preview text within it.


I have the Status-4-Evar but it does not show the link in the status bar, but URL Tooltip (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/url-tooltip) says it will display the destination URL when hovering cursor over a link.

Which should obviously be a default setting (as should ctrl+tab toggling between most recently viewed tabs). Thank God for extensions!


For vimperator users: I just had to enable the "Liberator statusbar toolbar" by clicking in the menu. What a good feeling to have it back :)


The old status bar is no longer available as part of Firefox 29. However, Mozilla recommends


as a solution for those of us that want a status bar.

Source: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/what-happened-status-bar


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