How do I plot the following multiple series information on a single chart:

DateTime                SeriesName  Duration
2014-05-02_10:21:21     X           2013.006
2014-05-02_10:21:22     Y           392.196
2014-05-02_10:21:32     X           336.168
2014-05-02_10:21:33     Y           398.199
2014-05-02_10:21:46     Z           3005.502    
2014-05-02_10:21:46     X           439.2195
2014-05-02_10:21:56     Y           378.189
2014-05-02_10:21:57     X           423.2115

The DateTime should be on the x axis.
Duration on the y axis
Each item in the series should have its own line on the chart.

  • Did the Pivot Chart not work? Or do you need additional help? – dav May 2 '14 at 15:04

Add a column for each series, put the series label into the first row (see below). Enter this formula into cell D2: =IF($B2=D$1,$C2,NA()) Fill this formula down and right as needed.

enter image description here

Select A1:A9, hold Ctrl while selecting D1:D9 (so both areas are selected), and insert your scatter chart.

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