I have a bunch of LaTeX files on my Desktop:

ma 512 hw 11.log, ma 512 hw 11.aux, ma 512 hw 11.tex


I want to use brace expansion to print them to the Terminal. E.g.,

ls *.{log, aux}

But when I try to give this command, I get the following errors:

ls: *.{aux,: No such file or directory
ls: log}: No such file or directory

So clearly it's not doing the brace expansion. What am I missing?

enter image description here

[I'm using Bash 3.2.51 on OS X 10.9.2]

EDIT: I thought it might be a problem with the fact that the files have spaces in their names, but when I tried it again with a no-space name, the same thing happened (see image).

enter image description here


Never mind, I figured out the problem. You can't put spaces between aux and log because bash splits on spaces. (Duh!)

This works:

ls *.{aux,log}

enter image description here

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