I do most of my computer work in Ubuntu, when I need another OS I just use VirtualBox or VMWare Player. Sometimes when I'm in a Linux VM, I want to change to the console or use SysRq keys. I obviously can't just do Ctrl+Alt+F1 because that will switch to the console on my host OS

So my question is: Is there a way to send special key combinations to the guest OS only?

The answer at How to send Ctrl+Alt+F1 (and other special keystrokes) to X window? doesn't answer my question.


If you are using virtualbox:

As stated here, if you want to do something like Ctrl+Alt+(?), you just use the Host Key + your key, in your case, Host Key + F1

If you are using VMWare:

Follow this

Another option is to use the virtual keyboard on the guest OS, for example, in Windows, go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Ease Of Access>On Screen Keyboard

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