I'm trying to clone WinJS to my Azure Web Site using Visual Studio Online "Monaco". When I type git clone https://github.com/winjs/winjs.git in the online console I get the error Can only clone a git repository to the root of the workspace..

The "prefix" in the console is / $ so I guess I'm in the root already.

How do I clone a git repo using Visual Studio Online?


First of all, you must delete every single folder under your wwwroot folder. Including env and .git

After this you should click on git icon and give the link of your repository. When the username and the password inserted correctly, the clone process starts immediately.

Azure Online VS clone git repository

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That would create a winjs folder, so it wouldn't be in the root. You can try with a period:

git clone https://github.com/winjs/winjs.git .

But the simpler way is to click on the git icon and use the clone UI there instead of doing it from the command line.

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