Suppose I run a small wiki powered by MediaWiki. I want to keep mediawiki up to date, but in order to do this I need to remember to check the Mediawiki homepage. This can get quite tedious, so I have been looking for an RSS/Atom feed that I can add to my feed reader, but I can't find a decent one.

The news page history RSS/Atom feed (found here) contains lots of edits related to vandalism, and so isn't ideal.

Does anyone know where I can find an RSS/Atom feed that I can add to my feed reader that will notify me of new MediaWiki releases?

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I think the closest to what you want is the mediawiki-announce mailing list:

Low-traffic list for announcements of new MediaWiki releases and security updates.

If you want to get an RSS feed of the emails to this mailing list, you can use the Gmane view of the list.


I recommend using LastRSS
Advanced RSS Ticker
Ajax invocation Dynamic Drive DHTML code library.
Visit Dynamic Drive website for this script
In the folder named LastRSS
Open the file named Bridge.php
Add your MediaWiki RSS Feed URI to the RSS Feed Reader
If you just needed the correct MediaWiki RSS Feed URI to use
For Example

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